Dental Technology

When it comes to making dental care more comfortable and convenient, utilizing advanced dental technologies has helped Dentistry by Design stay at the forefront. We have always invested time and training to understand the latest dental innovations because this is one of the best ways to ensure our patients receive the superior level of dental care they deserve. Contact our dedicated dental team to find out more or schedule an appointment at Dentistry by Design today.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral photography allows patients to see their smiles from the dentist’s perspective making patient education and treatment planning clear and easy. We capture images of patients’ smiles using a small, pen-like camera that is specially crafted to capture precise images of various aspects of patients’ smiles. We’re able to show the patient areas for concern, enhance or color code the photo for improved clarity, and use smile design software to show patients examples of possible treatment outcomes.

Digital X-Rays

Traditional x-rays offered our dentist a view of the supportive roots, jawbone, and other oral and facial structures that support patients’ smiles, but they also took time to develop, had to be physically stored and transported, and exposed patients to a significant amount of radiation. Digital x-rays not only offer higher-definition images, they are also immediately available for view on chairside monitors expediting the treatment planning process. Additionally, they can be easily stored and transferred via computer to patients, specialists, and insurance providers.

Soft Tissue Laser

Laser dentistry has made a number of diagnostic and restorative treatment options quicker and more comfortable for our patients, and the variety of treatments we complete with soft tissue lasers have dramatically transformed the treatment and healing process. Treatments such as scaling and root planing following periodontal disease and gum recontouring to correct uneven or excessive gum tissue can be completed without scalpels and sutures. That means treatment is safer, healing time is shorter, and patients achieve their desired results more quickly and comfortably.

Custom 3D Modeling

When it comes to ensuring patients feel confident in their treatment planning decisions, our custom 3D modelling, diagnostic wax-ups, and temporaries allow patients to see the results of potential options before treatment ever begins and give them the confidence to select services they know will deliver exactly the results they desire.

Dr. Martin combines 30 years of experience with an artistic eye and sculptor's hands to create beautiful, strong, functional smiles. Very few dentists are actually personally involved in smile design. Most dentists send models to a lab technician who has never seen the patient, or worse, the dentist shows the patient before-and-after photos that have been digitally manipulated by a technician who has never actually seen the patient. Be wary if you are offered a "smile makeover" based on digital imaging alone; these results cannot often be duplicated in real life.

Diagnostic Wax Up

After your initial consultation, Dr. Martin will create an exact, three-dimensional model, called a "diagnostic wax up," of your teeth. Based on your desires and goals, the wax up provides an exact 3D visualization of possible limitations imposed by your bite relationship, facial structure, lip position, and most importantly, speech. We often schedule an additional appointment with patients to view and discuss the wax up. This assures that Dr. Martin did not misunderstand the patient's goals and gives an exact preview of the result for patients.

Diagnostic Temporaries

Using the wax up as a guide, the diagnostic temporaries are fabricated exactly as the permanent restoration is planned, allowing us to evaluate potential effects on speech or biting efficiency. Any time the length, size, or position of the upper front teeth is changed, there will be an effect on speech! Most patients adapt within a few days, but diagnostic temporaries allow modifications to be made – and tested – before the final restorations are placed. The diagnostic temporaries are also fabricated personally by Dr. Martin, not by an assistant or a technician.

Call our Dallas dental office for more information or to make an appointment. As a general dentist and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Martin can transform worn, unattractive, or broken-down dentition into a comfortable, gorgeous smile, built to last a lifetime. Addison, Richardson, Carrollton, Frisco, and Plano residents visit our North Dallas office for comprehensive dental care that they can trust.

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